1.Offer and order

All offers, sales or supplies of Belusa products and/or services are governed by these general conditions, to the exclusion of the client’s general conditions.

All orders imply the client’s acceptance of these general conditions and the waiver of the client’s own conditions.

Any derogation must be notified in writing and requires Belusa’s explicit written consent.

An order will be definitive after Infobel’s management has approved it.

Infobel is free of any obligations in case of force majeure.

All offers, sales or supplies of products and/or services from an individual or from a legal entity accessible via Infobel’s Internet site are not governed by these general conditions.

Infobel is not in any way party to the agreement concerning the offers, sales or supplies of products and/or services from individuals or legal entities accessible via its Internet site and concluded with third parties.

2.Conclusion of the contract

All sales or supplies of Infobel products and/or services are deemed to be concluded in Brussels, Belgium.

3. Prices

All of the prices mentioned in Infobel’s offers are in Euro, including VAT.
The client shall bear the cost of packaging, shipment, taxes and other related costs.
These prices are established on the basis of cost prices in effect at the time of the order.

In the event of an increase in the prices of equipment and/or salaries and/or other price elements, Infobel shall be entitled to modify its sales prices.

4.Delivery, supply, acceptance and reception

The delivery, supply, acceptance and reception of products and/or services are deemed to have taken place in Infobel’s stores prior to shipment.
The products travel for the client’s account, except when shipment is made by an Infobel transport vehicle.

Products always travel at the client’s risk.

The client cannot refuse partial deliveries.

Problems with one part of a delivery of products and/or services shall not entitle the client to reject the entire delivery.


Timeframes are given on an indicative basis and shall be respected to the extent possible.

A delay in executing an order cannot cause the orders in question to be cancelled with Infobel, nor shall it entitle the client to procure the products elsewhere for Infobel’s account, or to demand damages.

Timeframes commence as of the date of receipt of the advance stipulated in the order.


In order to be admissible, any claim concerning Infobel invoices, products or invoices must be sent in writing within eight days of the date of receipt or delivery.

7.Payment conditions

Unless otherwise agreed, invoices are payable at Infobel’s registered office in Brussels prior to delivery or in cash.

Regardless of the circumstances, if the client fails to make timely payment, interest of 12% per year shall be automatically due without prior notice.

In addition, unpaid invoices shall be increased by fixed compensation of 15% (with a minimum of € 15), automatically and without the need for prior notice.

8.Reservation of title

If sold, the products delivered remain Infobel’s property until the entire price has been paid, including interest and expenses, as well as any compensation.

In addition, the client grants the right to remove at any time the equipment furnished, regardless of its location, and authorises the seller to enter the premises occupied by the buyer.

9. Jurisdiction and applicable law

In the event of a dispute, the courts of Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction.

However, Infobel reserves the right to take legal proceedings against its clients before any competent jurisdictions.

Belgian law is applicable to relations between the parties.


An order may only be cancelled with Infobel’s consent.

If an order is cancelled, fixed compensation shall be due by the buyer in the amount of 50% of the order price (including VAT), subject to Infobel’s right to claim a larger compensation amount if a larger loss can be demonstrated.

11.Industrial property

Infobel and/or its suppliers are the sole owners of all basic software programs and applications.

These software programs may only be used under license by the client for its own account and for internal use.

Accordingly, the client is strictly prohibited from transferring these software programs, in any manner whatsoever, to third parties, whether or not in exchange for payment, and cannot make copies thereof, unless this is necessary for reasons of security.

If the client violates the aforementioned obligation, Infobel reserves the right, without prior notice, to terminate the contract and to cease all additional assistance, without prejudice to its right to damages or to pass on the damages demanded by Infobel’s suppliers or by the holders of the industrial property rights.

12. Personal information

Unless otherwise expressed by the client, Infobel may use the invoicing information concerning the client to offer products and services that could satisfy the client’s needs.

If the client is an individual, he is entitled to consult his information at any time and to oppose the processing of said information, unless this processing is necessary to execute the contract or is required by a legal obligation.

The client may correct, supplement or delete any erroneous, incomplete or irrelevant information.

13. Liability

If a claim is brought within the period referred to in Article 6, Infobel’s liability shall be limited to repairing the products and/or service, or, if such repair is impossible, replacing it with a similar product and/or service or reimbursing the purchase price.

Under no circumstances will Infobel be liable for the indirect consequences resulting from the fact that a product and/or service are unavailable as a result of defects of this product and/or service.

In addition, as operator of an Internet site offering access to third party E-shops, Infobel cannot be held liable for any defects affecting the products delivered and/or the services provided by these third parties to their clients.

Moreover, Infobel cannot be held liable for the quality of third party E-shops or for the content of the information contained in said shops.